What is a Premium Template?

A Premium Template is a single template that can be used when you sign up for a PREMIUM Web Hosting Plan with us! Working in conjunction with Last Day Warriors, we are able to offer these layouts.

What additional fees are their for using these layouts?

An additional and EXTREMLY NOMINAL monthly fee of $3 per month has been added to all PREMIUM Hosting Plans.

Are these templates in cPanel?

No, these templates are not included in any content management system offered in our cPanels.

How does it work?

When you sign up for one of our PREMIUM Hosting Plans you will be taken to a form that will ask you what layout you would like to use! We receive that notification and upload those files into your website directory for you!
You Order
...we deliver!

What can I use to edit these?

Our Website templates are available in HTML & Flash formats. All HTML templates are compatible with Microsoft Frontpage Editor.

Are there restrictions for template usage?

You may:

  • Build your website using the template you have chosen.

You may not:

  • Resell or redistribute templates (like we do)
  • Claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products, modified or unmodified as all products are property of Last Day Warriors.
  • Make more than one project using the same template. (you have to purchase another hosting plan in order to make another project/website with the same design)
  • Use any Premium layout on a server other than our own
  • Remove any Copyright Notices or Credits

If I go to another server can I take my layout with me?

No. All products are property of Last Day Warriors. In keeping with our agreement with them, all Premium layouts are authorized for hosting on our server only.

I ordered a template but haven't received the download information.

After your payment for a PREMIUM HOSTING PLAN has been successfully approved, we will intall your layout when setting up your hosting account. If you do not receive access to your hosting account within 24 hrs Contact us! Be sure to include your Sale Order Number and the name of the template you requested.

What software do you recommend for editing HTML?

Our editor of choice is Frontpage.

Can I change the pictures on the flash animated website and put my own pictures instead?

If you have the appropriate flash software for that particular layout, then yes, you can make those changes.

I do not have the necessary software required to make changes. What do I do?

Please contact us with your request and we will provide you with a fee for those changes.

Is it possible to use your templates to develop websites for my customers?

If your Client has a Premium Hosting account with us, on our servers, you can use one of the layouts for their website development.

How often can I change my layout?

We understand that in order to avoid website stagnancy, sites do need refreshing after a certain period of time! Typically a site needs refreshed anywhere from 1 to 2 yrs.

When you have a Premium Hosting Plan with us, we allow you to "swap out" your layout for another one every six months! If you sign up for Plan 3 you are entitled to swap out your layout ONCE a month! We will go in and delete the old files and upload your new files!

My layout came with one page. I need more than one page!

Keep in mind, it is a "template". You can generate as many pages as you need simply by resaving the page using a DIFFERENT NAME!

ie. If you want to make a page named: contact.... and the origonal file name that you have is named index.html

....simply open up index.html and resave it as" contact.html You can resave a page to as many different names as you would like.

For answers to questions not listed, please
contact us!